Monday, January 26, 2009

Virtual Vacation

Whee!!! Experiencing the flu here. Perhaps just a cold. I don't know. I feel very woozy. It's kind of neat. I'm going to take whatever over-the-counter drugs I can and I am going to enjoy a virtual vacation.

I've been checking into New Orleans blogs and websites lately and I'm getting caught up in a bunch of interesting situations. There is an impending decision on whether to destroy an entire neighborhood to build a new VA hospital. I've been watching videos of residents and business people who do not want to see their homes taken from them. So much of the city is still so damaged. So much was damaged before Katrina. So much of that city is stunningly georgeous. So much needs to done and saved. I've also found some great flickr sites. I've been flipping through hundreds of photos.

After my virtual vacation, I will start to compile a list of sites for anyone interested. If not, I need the list myself to keep tabs.

I'm not too much of a computer person, so I'm sure it will not go smoothly. I hunted and pecked my way to Google Maps this morning. I'm sure I'm the last person to discover this amazing site. So I shall spend the rest of the morning, day, week, whatever, on my vacation. I have just visited the site of one of my favorite restaurants. I knew that it was long gone, but I just wanted to be there anyway. I aint too good with a map, but my instincts took me to the site immediately. Chez Helene, home of the best fried food I have ever eaten. Austin Leslie, you are MISSED.

I have also cruised the neighborhood supposedly slated for demolition. I am now going to visit some happy spots. I'm going to follow the streetcar up St. Charles Ave. Gonna have a look at some storefronts on Magazine Street. I'm gonna see if I can have a look at my new fave restaurant Lilette. Then I'm gonna see what I can see in City Park and fly over to the Zoo. I'm sooo excited. For once, technology is making me happy. Who would have thought?

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