Monday, November 26, 2007

Here to Stay (?) is a New Bird

Here is my newest piece "Fly South", 15 x 10". I'm still in my Autumn mode although we are gray and brown now here in Central Pennsylvania. I am pretty much always into Autumn mode. I love the colors and am not too interested in following color trends. I do like other colors and have made many pieces involving pinks, purples and greens, yet I ALWAYS go back to fall colors.

Not only is the Christmas season upon us, it also seems to be art donation season. I have had two requests to donate pieces for good causes recently, so I guess I need to dig up a couple of pieces and write inspirational words to accompany them. It is always hard to just give up one of my pieces. I feel as if I am insulting it. I have always given human qualities to inanimate objects. I still have stuffed animals from childhood -- I would feel like a murderer just throwing them in the trash. Perhaps I should come up with the "available for donation series". I need some ideas for artwork that will appeal to all (is there such a thing).


paula said...

your color pallette is beautiful i agree!

youre a better person than i am, i no longer give art away, it doesn't sit well with it or me. i dont even think it is a compliment to be asked any more.

Vivika said...

Kim, this is great! You have a very interesting piece here and a great sense of scale and color. I was surfing looking at bird/art/quilt posts and am chuckling as I found yours and read your posts since your life matches very closely to mine including age, need for a camera (just bought a Cannon) movie favorite of Harold and Maude, and attempts to have work hung in a gallery. The one big difference is I have 4 kids to your 1... Regarding your work being in galleries, consider most of them don't know what to do with quilts or how to hang them. They need to see your pieces in person and you may need to show that your work has been hung locally... start with a local restaurant, library or retirement home... look in QA or QNM magazines for contests, and don't give up, because you are on to something. Good Luck! Take a look at my birds if you have a chance...