Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is G the New H?

G is the New H, 12 x 12"

On occasion, I’ve been known to read those women’s self-help magazines. Only at the doctor’s office and only when the Time magazines are too dated. I rarely do get help from those self-help magazines. What I usually get is an inferiority complex.

I gather from reading articles from those magazines that I should be well on my way to success by now, as should all women who have reached their 40s. I should be in the sexual prime of my life. I should be able to fix any and all relationships that I am involved in. The children I have raised should be confident, well-rounded and out of the house by now. I should be and know all sorts of things. Apparently, I am behind. Oh well.

One thing I have learned from those magazines, is that whatever age you are, you can (or should) feel like you are something else. 40? No. You’re 30. Having a mid-life crisis? If so, you don’t have to be 40. Now you can have your mid-life crisis when you’re 30. Is 70 the new 50? Is 40 the new 50? I’m 46. I feel 32. Some days. Tomorrow I could feel 60. Does it matter? Sure it does, if I want to write and sell an article to a magazine.

The other day, I was in an artistic slump. I did the usual pacing and flipping through books and magazines. Finally, I took the scissors to some magazines and cut out whatever text interested me. Oh! What a lovely G. Look at that H. Just beautiful! If age is changing, why not the alphabet? Could G be the new H? Would H be the new G? Would G really feel like an F? I’m really feeling like an E today. Tomorrow I could feel like a J.

G is the new H is an experimental piece. I grabbed whatever colors and text appealed to me at one moment in time. While I may have changed some placement and made some mistakes that could not be corrected, I stuck with the original concept. I wanted, needed, to complete something. I felt that “new” was an important part of the piece and included the word several times. Everybody wants new. How long does “new” last. One year? One week? A few minutes?

Hey! How about old is the new new? Or would that be, new is the new old?

I can’t keep up.

G is the New H is for sale on Etsy for a special price.


lori vliegen said...

keep on experimenting, because i'm lovin' this!! your color palette is fabulous.....and i've heard that blue is the new black....or is it black is the new blue........... xox, :))

(i get the biggest kick out of you, kim!)

ArtPropelled said...

Lol .... well the good thing about those particular magazines is they prompted you to write this amusing post AND create G is the New H. That counts for something, right?

Kelly M. said...

Wow, what a great blog entry! My first visit and I was nodding and laughing -- thanks so much for that! You're right, there is no "keeping up." I try not to read too many mags (art or otherwise) because my head gets filled with other people's stuff. Good luck!

aimee said...

oh my gaaaaa. i howled reading this! yes! let's just start renaming everything and turn the world upside down. bananas are the new apples! hands are the new feet! morning is the new evening! by the way self help magazines do nothing but make me feel badly too....