Friday, May 21, 2010

I, Me, Mine

I, Me, Mine, 7 x 6"

Another one of my dark pieces. Probably the darkest one yet.

Here's the description I wrote for it on Etsy:

All too often, we think we own our houses, the ground they are built on and the moon and stars above. Too rarely do we think about the consequences of destroying forests and leveling land for subdivisions and the toxic wastes from our lifestyles. Instead of forests, we now plant little trees in containers as if they were animals in a zoo.
Happy thoughts? No. True? Yes.

There are so many lifeless places being built. Remove the trees. Strip the topsoil. Level the ground. Insert large homes that have to be heated and cooled. Mostly cooled. When you remove all of those trees, well, there's nothing to protect your house from the sun.

Plant a tree. One that grows large. While you're at it, plant two. A third one couldn't hurt.

Stepping off soapbox now to go into studio.


Francesca said...

Oh I so agree! Beautiful quilt :)

paula said...

nice work, the tree on the right is fascinating. i'm glad you are still working on this series.

aimee said...

you and i have exactly the same take on suburbia!

Kelly M. said...

Oh, so right -- plant one tree; plant 100! Your new work is great - reminds me of the aboriginal markings, dots and swirls - very organic.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more.