Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in Black

So I did recently poke my head out of my usual black hole and created a blue and gold piece (with black, of course), but now I've pulled my head back into the black hole and just kept going.

Perfect Home, 7 x 6"

My dark side is, apparently, a large side. It is my dominant side. And it must be fed regularly. The bright and happy side does emerge on occasion. Birdies chirp. The sun is golden. Skies are blue. But the weather changes quickly in my world. Skies outside are leaden. Artwork inside turns black.

Easy!, 7 x 6"

I don't always mean to be grim. And I don't think darkness is necessarily bad. Dark can be cozy. As I look around me, I realize my office is perfectly reflected in these pieces. I'm surrounded by chocolate brown walls, books, black and white artwork and red accessories. And I'm darn happy in this room. To me, this is reflected in Perfect Home. This piece includes my favorite things: maps, letters and words, trees, red, and home.

Easy!, however, is a bit grim. Same colors, different meaning. I'm trying to get across that we all want things done in the easiest manner possible, yet we don't think (or want to think) of the consequences: oil spills, rampant suburbanization, etc.

I'm going to post these pieces on Etsy and then I'm going back to the cave of darkness (studio). Two more pieces are nearing completion and then I think I'm going to relive my New Orleans series. It seems somehow incomplete and since I've been obsessing over the show Treme, I feel new work coming on.


Kelly M. said...

In today's noisy, busy world, dark caves are where one finds peace, quiet, silence -- my studio is dark and below ground but it's my space and I'm content -- :-)

lori vliegen said...

i think that there's a lot of sophistication in using black.....especially when paired with white and red. a classic color combination! every new piece you create becomes my new favorite!! :))

Rug Cleaning said...

Black is my favorite color. I find it sophisticated in many ways. Wonderful art work!

aimee said...

i think this is my favorite color combo of yours so far! i don't see it as dark or grim at all. i love artwork in black and white. the splash of red takes it in an unexpected direction and i really like it!

jason said...

gee, and I still haven't even seen it (Treme).