Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton is not a Loser

Hillary Clinton is not a loser.

It seems, at least in this country, if you do not win you are a loser. As I see it, Hillary Clinton is not a loser. She is just not the winner. Some people are VERY angry. Blame has been put on the other side of the party. Blame has been put on Hillary’s campaign team. Now that the primary is essentially over, some people have not enough places to put their vast amounts of anger. Why must all of these people be so angry? Why must all of these people remain so angry? What is the best way to direct or diffuse this anger?

Let me let you know where I stand before I go any further. I supported and will support Barack Obama. I have read articles and watched debates. I have had discussions with other involved Democrats and I have made my choice. I am happy with the outcome. I understand that others are not. Perhaps they will get over it. Hopefully, once Hillary Clinton acknowledges that the primary is over, she will gather her strength again and support Barack Obama. I feel sure that she will.

I do acknowledge that this has been a tough primary. Both sides have made great accomplishments and mistakes. However, that time is over. It is time to support our nominees for the general election. Our next vote should be cast based on our values and beliefs, not for spite.

I am proud of Senator Obama. I am also proud of Hillary Clinton. I am proud to have been able to vote for either of these candidates. In a previous post, "Yes We Can Vote", I told of my excitement in voting in the primary election. When the I-Votronic machine pulled up the Democratic ballot, chills went down my spine. I almost jumped up and down. Why? I was given a choice of two candidates: a Woman and an African American. Yes, I’m sure that there are some out there that do not like minorities running for the most important job in the country, but for the majority of Americans, this was MONUMENTAL in a good way. It was thrilling to be a part of it.

Once all the yelling and screaming has died down (and I think it will soon), we need to really think about the great thing that happened in this country. For the first time EVER.
I was watching one of those talking head political shows last night with my six-year-old daughter (yes, she really is interested). When she saw Barack Obama, she asked if he was the president yet. I explained that that would be decided in November. I actually got tears in my eyes watching the Chris Matthews show and explaining to her how important this election was. I told her that this was the first time a woman had run for President. I also told her that a black man had never been President either. I want her to be able to remember some of this election. It is a lesson that should never be forgotten.

The Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton is over. But she is not gone and she will not be forgotten. Hillary Clinton came close to winning the primary. She never gave up. She couldn’t. Senator Clinton had no choice but to see this thing to the end. Why? Why did she not give up months ago? Because she is a woman. If she had given up, then that would have been a signal to other potential female candidates in years to come to not even try it. Yes, she held on a little too tight. Better that than let go. Did she have the best campaign? Did she make the best speeches? Did she always say and do the right thing? Nobody is perfect. From what I remember, there were so pretty low valleys in her campaign, but it is time to patch up those mistakes and move on.

Hillary Clinton has paved the way for women who seek the highest office in America. I actually think I saw her on a street-paving machine wearing a hard hat. She may have paved over a few things she shouldn’t, but now that road is down and women are able to get on it and drive.
There will be a female president. There will be one in my lifetime (hey, I’m only 44). There are women out there now who are thinking about it, who are planning on it, who are preparing for it. This was the right time. Perhaps just not the right candidate. (Oh, I feel the scorn from some of you.)

It is not time for Hillary Clinton to crawl under a rock. It is time for her to continue her work, no matter where that will be.

Hillary Clinton is not a loser. Hopefully she will be an important part of the first female President’s campaign. Perhaps a mentor to the next woman who runs. She is imperfect. She is human. And by golly, she wanted to be first.


paula said...

wonderful post kim
i agree wholeheartedly
i voted for mr o too
but i was proud of mz h
even though i am glad she
isn't the one running for president now. its truly
an unprecidented election.
i have some hope for america
if we can finally open our minds
and opportunities for 'minorities' are REAL.

MaryCD said...

I agree....once tempers have calmed, there will be many who will go to the polls and actually enjoy voting, for the first time in what seems like decades.
It's a wonderful time......

And I like your squares just the way they are...


MaryCD said...
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MaryCD said...

I agree...once tempers have calmed, I believe that there will be many who will be able to happily vote--for the first time in decades. It is an exciting age, isn't it?

Mary C-D in San Diegto

MaryCD said...

I agree...once tempers have calmed, I believe that there will be many who will be able to happily vote--for the first time in decades. It is an exciting age, isn't it?

Mary C-D in San Diegto