Friday, June 27, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome?!?

Well, my last little birdie has flown the nest. My last quilted bird that is. Fly South has been sold and I am kind of sad. I'm still enjoying (when I get that infrequent moment) working on those blue and brown squares. But when I packaged up this piece to mail it, I felt a pang. I really feel the need to work with these colors again. But if I do not complete the series I am already working on, I will feel like somewhat of a failure. How can I be a "professional" artist when I am willing to drop a project for some whim? If I do force myself to complete the existing series, will it show that I forced myself? Perhaps I should not even ask myself that question yet. It will be over a week before I can get back to my studio.

My young one, of course, has not flown the nest yet. She is having school withdrawal, and so am I. I am going a little (a lot) whacko without time to myself. I really need time to be COMPLETELY alone. Time to not answer questions. Time to curse out loud if I feel the need. Time to talk to myself.

Right now, I am taking a bit of time to do some paperwork and blog. The television is on. I can hear the sounds of the Wonder Pets saving the lives of other little animals. I could use these little Wonder Pets. I want a guinea pig cutting fabric, a baby duck operating the sewing machine and a turtle to sew on beads. What, you don't know of this show? You watch politcal shows, movies for adults (no, not porn), read moving biographies. Ha! Good for you. I will be in the world of a six-year-old with that danged theme song from Wonder Pets in my head all day.

I would be in a slightly better mood if it weren't for weather forecasters. I REALLY wish I could get paid to make VERY inaccurate predictions. The newspaper shows a diagram with a big sun and a little cloud and a large number with a little circle next to it. Know what we have? Rain. And a not so big number with a little circle next to it. The park is out. Paper crafts are in. I'm tired and its only 9:30am.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww...the wonder pets. And the Backyardigans. Oh the joy of these stupid songs that never leave your mind. LOL.

So no, we don't live in Baghdad but close! Las Vegas. LOL.

Fibra Artysta said...

Oh yeah, I hear you on the weather predictions. I've always said the two best professions in the world are being a weatherman and being a professional sports player.

You don't have to be good or correct at either one and you still get paid.

Hope you get some Kim time soon. I know the feeling (not from little kids but from other demands) and its no fun.