Monday, June 23, 2008

More Finished Squares, More Summer Vacation

Here are two more pieces in the "Elemental" series. There are several more tops completed, but the quilting and embellishment will be a long time coming. These pieces can be found on my website and will show up in Ebay or Etsy. While I love these colors, I'm worried that I will burn out before I have completed the pieces I have laid out. I have one being quilted, three other tops sewn together and four ready to be sewn together.

There may not be many art updates for a few weeks. We are wrapped up in summer vacation now. My daughter has a list of things she would like to do. I have a list of things I would like to do. We will do the things that overlap first. Rollerskating is on her list. It is not on my list. Playdates at the park are on both of our lists. Today's playdate went well, except for the fact that my daughter kept calling her playmate her boyfriend. She has informed me that she has seven boyfriends. It's gonna be one hot summer here.

A recent comment by Daphne about summer vacation included a very good idea. I think it could be marketed and make a few people a great deal of money. Mommy day care. I envision a spa-like environment. Mom enters with kids in tow. The kids are whisked off for little tyke activities and Mom is whisked off for a day full of fun. Pedicures given by studly men, wine and cheese, massages, a dip in a pool with post dip facials and hair treatments. Then, late afternoon, mom and children are joined again. The studly men hand over cartons of premade dinners for the whole family and all is well. I'll be checking into real estate, someone else can gather up the studly men, stockholders could be rounded up, and we could create the hottest spot in town. Millions could me made. What do you think? Thanks for the great idea Daphne.

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