Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Vacation. For Who?

Summer vacation is here. My 6-year-old daughter has graduated from kindergarten and I have the photos to prove it. Sorry I didn't include it here. I don't have much time. It is summer vacation after all.

Twenty minutes into summer vacation (school was out at noon on Wednesday), we were out buying a birthday present for a party this Saturday. Then we went to the park & were soon rained out. Then many games were played at home and finally I turned the durned television on.

My daughter received a phone call from a boy in her class & he wanted to set up a play date. I swear I heard heavy breathing on the line. Dates already!?! Good Lord. They will be hooking up at the park next week. I saw them together when I went to volunteer in class on Tuesday. He had his arm around my daughter. Will summer entail a sex education course? I hope not.

Yesterday my daughter went to join a friend and her parents at the local ball park for some kid-friendly activities. I met with the contractor about the bathroom. We were told we could expect some unknown situations. Daughter came home, draped herself over a chair and said she was bored. I said "tough." Dad came home & I ran away to take a bath in my rotting bathroom.

Today, the vet came over for an emergency visit. As I was on my way from the downstairs shower (the only one that doesn't leak), I saw the dog sitting in a funny position. A few minutes later, my daughter informs me that he looks like he is pooping on the floor. I grab a towel, come downstairs to find him still sitting in a funny position. He has been prone to back problems for a couple years & we have been waiting for something bad to happen. Luckily my daughter sees the vet (who lives behind us) out in his yard. She runs to get him while I run to get some clothes. It looks quite serious for the dog for the next hour, but the drugs seem to kick in and he appears to be much better.

I have enjoyed the few adult moments I have had here on my computer, but now I have to make lunch. Perhaps do a couple cute things with carrots. Then off to the park. Maybe my daughter can pick up someone there. Some 2nd grade boy who is loitering by the jungle gym.

Where's my summer vacation?

Oh, that comes soon when I travel to California with my inlaws.


Fibra Artysta said...

I've always thought that summer vacation is wasted on the young. I would LOVE to have three months off!

Sounds like you have your hands full, hang in there. I hope the poochy is okay, pets are tough since they can't tell you when they feel funny.

Keep your head up! :)

paula said...

god i love your blog
you are a good writer too ya know...

Daphne Enns said...

OMG I was just talking to a girlfriend about my concern with what to do with my children ALL summer long! No art making for me I'm sure...I want to go to mommy daycare-get fed, entertained and maybe have a nap...

Paula (self taught artist) recommended you to me ages ago, but it's only just now I decided to visit. Good luck with your summer "holidays".