Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Unprofessional

Lately, I have read a few blog posts of other artists that question the professionalism of their blogs. I've been doing some questioning myself.

I've come to the conclusion that my blog should reflect who I am at this point in my life. I am a part-time artist. I would like to be a full time artist, but that probably will not happen until my daughter goes off to college.

I am a mother. I don't just fit this part in when it is convenient for me (yeah, I know, I am blogging while my daughter is watching TV. I don't hear the folks from Social Services knocking down my door).

I am a wife. For some reason, that word has bad connotations. For some, the word means servant or perphaps merely something less than whole. For me, it means I am a partner in a relationship, so I like to spend time with my husband. I guess I could go to my studio as soon as my husband comes in from work. Then I could work 8-10 hours a day and be a full time artist. I would be missing out on a lot though.

I am a gardener. I am raising a wide variety of weeds interspersed with flowers.

There are a few other aspects of my life. I enjoy reading, writing, (not much on 'rithmetic).

So why shouldn't I tell about all (or, uh, maybe not quite all) aspects of my life?

Perhaps I don't have enough to say about my professional life. I did in the beginning of this blog. I discussed beginning a series, art supplies, galleries, etc. Now, well, I guess I have run out of information. There are other professional art blogs that discuss shows, goals, and galleries. I just can't keep up with that. I read those blogs. Sometimes I feel inspired. Sometimes I feel depressed.

So this blog is me. Skips some parts if you wish. I can be professional. I can be serious. I just don't want to be so here.


Ellen said...

As an artist friend of mine (and one with a great blog) said recently, no one really wants to read art blogs, not when they're exclusively about art and careers.

I started my blog with the sole intention of having it as a marketing tool. Within a day, I gave that up. I'm glad I did because the connections I've made just writing what I want to, have been so rich. And as an artist and stay at home mom, that's important because those roles can be pretty isolating.

It's your blog, you can do whatever you want with it and you never need to apologize for being yourself.

I also have a 6 year old, the full time art career and raising young children and having some resemblance of a balanced life has GOT to be a myth. At least I've never seen it.

Sheree Rensel said...

Well gee whiz Kim, I must be very unprofessional!! LOL LOL You have read my blog. I talk about everything under the sun and then mention art sometimes. Tee Hee
However I must admit, I looked at my blog statistics and my readership goes up when the title of the post is artist related (studio, painting, new work, etc.)
That is great and dandy, but I want my blog to be about the whole, artist me. I think it helps people realize artists are just people like everybody else. We have lives.
There are various kinds of blogs that serve different purposes. Sometimes I question those artist blogs that just talk "artspeak" all the time. That isn't natural. LOL

paula said...

i think the blogs that stick to art only are also boring and quite frankly, full of themselves.
to me, part of liking and knowing a piece of art is also knowing (sometimes liking) the artist, their thoughts, life etc.
you do just fine :)

Kim Hambric said...

Ellen, Sheree, Paula,

Thanks so much for your comments. Frankly, I've noticed when I have a rant or a non-art post, I receive more comments. The goal is not to get loads of comments, but just to connect with people (as long as they are not stalkers).

I'll just keep blah blah blahing about whatever moves me. Sometimes that is art.

Karoda said...

although i limit my content in my blog, almost anything and everything is game. i've been thinking about gearing up for marketing and i know for sure that i do not want my blog to be a "professional" blog. if potential buyers find it helpful then that would be great but i want my blog to be free for the most part from the constraints of solely economics.

Françoise said...

Kim, I could have written almost the same post...
But I didn't, because I was spending some time with my DH, and then I had to go in the garden and watch the weeds grow.
I often visit your blog and I like it, and today I even left a comment! Isn't it great?

Anonymous said...

Me too Kim. Part time artist full time mom full time wife full time spiritual seeker - we are more than one thing and personally I like getting to KNOW people through their blogs, not just their art.

Daphne Enns said...

Hi Kim. I get what you're saying. My blog is about a lot of different parts of me-maybe not acceptable topics if my blog was a money making venture, but my blog is about reaching out to people who love making art and how our personal lives shape our work.

Sometimes I feel incredibly unpopular compared to other art blogs and mommy blogs but then again I feel like I have some really solid relationships as a result too.