Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There Are Other Squares Out There

Well, another day of having workmen in the house. Since I am unable to go upstairs to the studio, I will loiter on the computer all day. Good thing, too. I have located some other squares.

I feel pretty sure they would not want to be considered squares, but tough. I'm into the square, they are into the square. I'm going to make the connection regardless.

A new post on Kelly Rae Roberts' Blog has photos of several recent 5x5" affirmation collages.

A recent discovery, by me anyway, is the watermedia artist David Castle. Much of his work is in a square format, with the components of his art being rectangles and squares.

A daily painter, Karin Jurick often uses a square canvas.

For years I have purchased sketchbooks and journals, but have rarely used them. About two months ago, I purchased a 5x5" sketchbook & I find that I am often doodling in it. There is something about this shape that makes me want to work. Perhaps the confines of the square are liberating somehow. Artwork confined to a square seems "full". As if the art has actually spilled over the edges. This fullness gives the artwork more energy, more life.

No doubt there are way more artists out there than this who often work with squares. I'm sure that are many fiber artists. But who are these other square artists? If you know of any, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kim! Glad you noticed my artwork! I'm having fun checking out your blog and, of course, love to have found a fellow "square".

David Castle.