Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Hip to Be Square

Square: 1. a rectangle having four equal sides. 2. Honest, direct. 3. One characterized by rigid conventionality or lack of sophistication.

O.K. I would not characterize myself as rigid or lacking sophistication. Others might. Oh well. I just love the square. Did anyone read my earlier post on being square? If not, here's the link.

I relate to the square. Call me simple.

Since I seem to have run into a wall since my most recent commission (I believe it was a rectangular wall), I have decided to back up. Not necessarily to go off in a new direction. Just back up. Put the car in idle.

I have begun playing with squares. Small squares. Painting squares, stamping squares, cutting squares, arranging squares. The square may be simple, they may be complex. I don't know yet and don't care yet.

We will see what happens. I am going to get to know the square very well. I may introduce the squares to a few circles and see what happens.

If one looks at my list of favorite reference books, they will notice the book Handmade Tiles. I've probably looked at this book fifty times. I love the way square tiles look next to each other. I love the grid, the beautiful geometry,especially when each tile is somewhat different. I have no intention of ever making tiles (never say never), I just love looking at squares.

One of my favorite artists is a ceramic artist who obviously adores the square. I have yet to purchase any of his work, but I still hover over his website like a buzzard. Most of his tiles are square, yet very complex and textural.

I am off to see where the square takes me. Or where I take the square. Back to square one. I really do not want to reinvent the wheel. I doubt that I can reinvent the squre. I'm going to work "inside the box" for now.

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