Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This piece is O'Keefe Country. Currently for sale on my website. This is one of those pieces that I would love to use as an example when somebody asks "How long did that take to make?" Then I could say "six months." Then they would say "Wow!" Sorry for the teeny photo. I kept requesting a large photo. Blogger kept giving me this bitty thing.

I had the pieces laid out for 2 months. Finally, I stitched it together. Then it sat for 2 months while I tried to decide what type of beading to use. I kept asking myself what else was necessary. Then I sandwich quilted the pieces. Then it sat for 2 more months. I decided to keep the quilting and beading simple.

I attemped some fabric beads. I liked the process, yet added some gloss medium to the beads to keep them from fraying and give the piece additional texture. I then decided one of the pieces needed additional stamping, and, terrified of destroying the piece, I added some spiky blue leaves.

Then the darn thing took 2 weeks to name. My hubby was in a hurry to get it on the website (as with all pieces) and wanted a name. I couldn't give it to him. So he attempted to name the piece. Usually this gets me going, as his idea of a name and my idea of a name are completely different.

At six months to complete, this thing should cost a fortune. As for the next piece I would like to finish, I expect completion in eight months after initial layout.

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