Friday, May 16, 2008

Incredible, Ridiculous, Astounding

So, I've got creator's block again. (That is not the incredible part).

This morning I "worked' in the studio for an hour. I moved a few pieces of fabric around and then I paced. I tried a new piece, but it actually disgusted me. So I left.

I had to visit the cabinet man this morning and check on the shelves that are possibly to be delivered next week. YAY! That only took a few minutes so I went into the bookstore across the street.

I purchased two magazines. One, Elle Decor, is always inspirational and my subscription had run out. The other, Ornament, seemed mighty inspiration this month. I got home, flipped through them quickly and I determined that I would subscribe to both.

Funny thing, though. No inserts. No subscription cards. In either magazine. (That is the incredible part.) What is the world coming to?

Is that freaky or what?

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