Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hung Up

I just returned from a trip to Altoona, PA, where I have hung 15 pieces at the Quaint Corner. The Quaint Corner is a combination children's museum, art gallery, teaching space for arts and yoga, and apparently all-around gathering place. The director for the museum is Emily Dimov-Gottshall, an artist herself.

As can be interpreted by the photo, the museum is in a large Victorian home, embarking on a new phase in its architectural career.

It has been two years since I have had an exhibit & over one year since my work has been shown outside of my home. I have done little to pursue exhibiting anywhere, choosing instead to build my website, blog and Ebay and Etsy stores. I do plan on entering a couple of shows in the next several months & will select some small galleries to send my portfolio out to (guess I'll have to update that).

I have been a bit hung up lately. I did the small series entitled Spice Route. Yesterday I finished (I think) a commission. I took several breaks from the commission to brainstorm on some new ideas, but, well, got hung up. Now since my pieces are hung up at the Quaint Corner, and the commission is done (I think), I cannot come up with new ideas. No new inspiration. No old inspiration. My sparse sketchbook seems to be mocking me. I've had a few days of experimentation, but now my trashcan is full of failed experiments. Even color is proving to be elusive. Oranges are leaving me uninspired. I'm reluctant to even take a peek at my studio today.

Tomorrow is another day. I'll trudge upstairs and see what awaits me. Perhaps I shall play with some SIMPLE shapes and SIMPLE ideas and see what happens.

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paula said...

wow! 15 is a good amount of work to be up anywhere. love hearing it!