Monday, May 5, 2008

Easy Does It

As I mentioned below, I have been hung up. Stuck. Lost. Not working. Desperately seeking new ideas.

I have perused my collection of fiber art books. I have searched websites. I have doodled. I have stared off into space.

There is a great deal of complex fiber art out there. You will find some on my blog links list. I love it all. Yet when I think I will take the route of others by using intricate stitching or layers and layers of painting, I become so overwhelmed I can do nothing.

I have seen juried show opportunities that demand certain themes, complex and potentially dangerous methods, innovation, and I become so overwhelmed I can do nothing.

I read blogs that have dozens of posts for each comment, have dazzling photos of works in galleries, show extensive listings of where the artists' work has been published, and, once again, I become so overwhelmed I can do nothing.

So I tried doing nothing and found it frustrating. My newest, most innovative, extreme, trend-setting idea is to "create" the most simple things. How about circles? With holes in them? I think its a fine idea. Been done many, many times. Nothing wrong with that. Could squares be next?


paula said...

i really think there are times when its good to look around and times when it is DETRIMENTAL
i've seen this happen to many artists online...myself included. just stop looking right now. you are doing fine. its okay to be blocked or stuck you aren't a machine....right?

emily dg said...

I agree with self taught artist...

There is a story about a Japanese art teacher. He tells his students to observe a scene in nature; a pond, trees, rocks, etc. He tells them to watch for several hours. They then are to turn away from the view, and draw from memory what they have seen.

This is what art is for me...our own take on the view. Also, try a different medium for a bit. This breaks the monotony. I find music, poetry helps as well. It'll come back to you...

katie said...

OMGosh! this is exactly how I feel. You were able to put it into words, though, so you're doing better than me.

I have times when I break away from being paralyzed, but then I find myself right back there again. Maybe it is too much looking and not enough doing. I know I read a great deal of art blogs every day. hm..