Friday, April 11, 2008

A Narrow Shaft of Light

Just when I thought I was lost in that deep, dark void (see post below), I see just a glimmer of light.

This piece sold this week on Ebay "Baroque Artichoke III". Now 5 of 8 pieces of this series have sold.

The commission I have struggled with for approximately 6 weeks (and that was just getting the colors worked out), is well under way now. I have the top sewn together. Now I just have to get some fabric for the backing today & then next week I will quilt the "sandwich" and make some decisions on what kind of stitching to do.

It also seems I might be having some work displayed in the near future. More on that as it develops.

And, to top it all off, central Pennsylvania also had a shaft of light yesterday. More than that, actually. It was a whole day of sunshine and warmth. That was yesterday, however. Today there will be rain. Tomorrow there will be rain. Sunday there will be rain. Monday there will be precipitation. Did I hear someone mention snow?!?!?!?

And today, for just an hour or so, I will PLAY in the studio. I have purchased a new book & have been doing some experimenting. I will find out today if these exeriments have worked & will soon publish the outcome.

And, another day without workmen in my home. I do wish they would come back, however. My living room is a mess (see photo below). It will stay pretty much this way for the next month until my shelves are ready to be installed. The hubby will spend the weekend in this room painting the NEW ceiling. Then there will be another weekend of wall painting. Then we will move a bit of furniture back in. The other rooms are filled with bits and pieces from the living room, and, as I am a klutz, I am right tired of bumping my shins on these things.


paula said...

congrats on the ebay sale kim!!!!
gorgeous piece too. love hearing you had a shaft of light and that you are getting in the zone again.

paula said...

wow, i just checked your ebay store out and i'm blown away by Hide (that up close it is completely different than far away and how it totally looks like a beautiful backview of a woman).
your work looks GREAT on there and i see you have sold sold sold over time. love it!!!

Anonymous said...


Your ebay store is impressive. I really like this piece that just sold as well. I think you price your work well, it deserves what it gets. Have you considered joining the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen? We do some nice show.

Nikki said...

Love the purples and greens!