Monday, April 14, 2008

Stick It

I recently purchased Ruth Isett's
new book Print, Pattern & Color. While much of her work is a bit too "cluttered" for me, I did get a few worthwhile ideas from the book. Her section on block printing was just what I needed to get over the blues from my MagicStamps not working the way I wanted them to.

One such idea was to affix shapes cut from kids foam sheets onto a piece of foamboard using carpet tape or double-sided tape. As I was clean out of carpet tape and my double-sided tape was "missing", I somehow located a couple pieces of Crescent PerfectMount self-adhesive mounting board. I cut some stone-shaped pieces from a sheet of kids foam (I did happen to have that sitting around), I removed the release paper from the board and stuck the stone shapes to the board. I used the other board to adhere the remnants of the foam after the stone shapes were cut out. To make the boards thicker and easier to use, I glued them to pieces of foamboard cut to the same size. I then spread white paint over the new stamps to cover up the sticky parts. Pretty quick and easy.

I think I will explore some more with these foam sheets. I have already been using them for sun dyeing fabric. I have cut some squiggly shapes, circles, and spirals & used them for sun dyeing, but I want to use more of these stone shapes. I feel a series coming on.

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