Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flow With It

There has been a deep, dark void. Then there was a shaft of light. Now I feel as if I am flowing along with things. It seems as if I should say a door has opened. But I have seen no door. Just felt a flowing. Right now, I will assume that flow is going in the right direction.

Two more Planting Seeds have sold (VII and XII). Also, another Baroque Artichoke has sold. It has been a slow season for sales lately. I will assume things are looking up as far as sales are concerned. And whether or not sales improve, I will still be creating.

I may be out of my orange phase (somewhat). I feel the need to do more greens and browns. Now that I am clearing my garden of last years leaves, branches, and bits, I can see green showing through the brown. After a season of gray, gray, gray, these are two very welcome colors.

I am still working on a commission. The "sandwich" has been quilted, and I am ready to start the decorative quilting. Just waiting to see if I will get any input from the client on that matter.

I am now reading one of those blasted self-help books. Getting Things Done, by David Allen. This book was recommended on Lisa Call's Blog. I am not one to read such things. I see a book with a guy in a suit on the front and the word "productivity", and I just want to vomit and wash myself thoroughly. HOWEVER, I had read about one quarter of the book, have not paid too much attention to the first flow chart, and yet, how I get things done has improved immediately. I just need to consolidate my thoughts and papers and bits and broken things better, and I know my life will change beyond all recognition. In the first pages of the book, I was instructed to write down one important thing that had to be done (redo upstairs bathroom). Then I was to write down one thing I could do to get the ball rolling (measure the bathroom). Well, the next day, I went and measured the bathroom. Seems logical huh. Not for me. It is helping me plan for one of the next things I have to do. . . . hang some artwork.

Through blogging, I have met Emily Dimov-Gottshall. Emily is the new director of the Quaint Corner in Altoona, PA. This is a children's museum, gallery, teaching venue in a beautiful, old Victorian house. I will be showing some of my work there starting in May. I need to create new business cards, put hangers on many pieces, rewrite my artist statement & other such plans. I am expecting that GETTING THINGS DONE will help me get things done.

Some logjams in the flow, however. We are leaving town early tomorrow to visit family, so I'll have to pack for me, my daughter, the dog, set up catsitting, etc. No working this weekend. Tuesday, I will be working at the polls all day for the Pennsylvania primary. Hope there are no fistfights. My daughter is out of school, next Thursday and Friday, little to no work on those days. More home improvements the following weekend. So, with these things ahead, I will go and get busy on something. Must find that book so I can get things done. Hey, I don't have time to read do I?

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