Saturday, April 26, 2008

Down in Round Two

So, I have purchased some self-help and inspirational books lately. Not a lot. But a few have had so many recommendations from bloggers that I have broken down and bought them.

I am now reading Living the Artist's Life, by Paul Dorrell. I have not gotten very far. As a matter of fact, I have only read chapter one. I am still on the ground and I cannot get up. I'm down for the count.

I had read many, many, many recommendations for this book. I expected to have to do some deep thinking and work diligently on myself. I didn't expect to be knocked down. Twice. In chapter one. A few pages into chapter one, a subtitle reads "Now, Let Us Begin." I'm excited. ". . . so you're soon to graduate from art school, if indeed you haven't already." Uh, indeed not. "Assuming you've acquired the necessary background in painting, sculpting or printmaking . . ." Hmmmmmm. O.K. right in the gut. Now I'm in the fetal position. Time to get up, curse, and breathe. Round one is done.

Next, I have to go to Europe and see everything I can. Well, can't do that now. Seen a few things there, but no doubt, not enough. If I can't do Europe because of lack of funds then I must do America. O.K. Be back in a little bit. . .

(Two years Later). Back to the book. Oh wait. I'm supposed to be young and fresh out of college (art school). Damn. Dorrell lets us know that it's ok if we can't afford to travel Europe as recent college graduates. Why doesn't the cover of the book state I must be young to begin. O.K. Down again. Should I bother to get up for round three?

So, should I keep reading this thing? Should I continue to call myself an artist? My business cards say I am. I'm not going to change them now. Am I being too sensitive? I thought that this darn book would have me climbing toward success (obviously will be a long climb), but I really didn't think it would have me curled and bleeding the the corner of the ring.

BTW, the photo is "Luiz". SOLD. So there.


paula said...

i disliked that book immensely

Nellie's Needles said...

The only book in that genre that I can recommend is "No More Second Hand Art". That book is based on life's experiences. It's one that is easy to open to any page at any time and read a bit for a bit of thought, introspection, AND affirmation.

Fibra Artysta said...

I've tried reading a few of these types of books and have been just as frustrated as you. One that I DID like was "Art & Fear" by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

Its not necessarily a self help in that it tells you how to be an artist. It basically talks about the angst that artists go through and that you aren't alone. I found it a good read.

Also, if you want a business type book, try out Alyson Stanfield's "I'd Rather Be in the Studio!". She has a free newsletter too, Its very helpful and kind of keeps nudging you along.

I like both of these a lot. :)