Friday, April 4, 2008

Grumbly Day

My house has been full of workmen and workwomen for several days. I have a break today from the noise. I now have a living room full of dust and nothing else. Oh, and new outlets. Some of you may think, "new outlets, big deal". Well, when you live in an old house, outlets are hard to come by. Electricity is scarce.

The days of turning on the dehumidifier in the basement, turning on the hairdryer in the upstairs bath and blowing the power on the entire front of the house are going to be over.

I have mopped the plaster dust from the living room floor three times. And today, sigh. I have to mop the walls. They are dustier than the floors. I expect it will take all day.

Tomorrow, the painting begins. I hope I like it. My living room will be chocolate brown. MMMMMMMMM.

And I'm supposed to be working on a commission.

And its raining. And chilly.

But, I know. I'm lucky to have a living room to renovate. And lucky to have a studio that I can't get into often enough.

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