Friday, February 8, 2008

Round 'em Up, Clear 'em Out

My past days of cleaning up have really been inspirational. The mental laxatives have been working.

And now for even more cleanup.

I have thousands of fabrics. I use only about 30% of these fabrics. There are some fabrics I KNOW I will never use again. I need to purge!!!

I'm wondering about selling them through the blog. Would anybody be interested?

I need to make space - physically and mentally.


Anonymous said...

Are the fabrics your stamped ones??? I want some!

Kim Hambric said...

Well, Joyce,I'm actually trying to get rid of older,printed fabrics. I'm gonna still hold onto the stamped ones. Sorry. However, if there is a another style of fabric or any special colors you might be interested in, let me know.

Unknown said...

Kim, I've had fairly good results selling various fabrics and odd/ends on my blog. One thing I've seen work very well is package your fabric in "lots" and in an amount say, for instance, that will fit in a priority mail flat rate envelope or box, then pop a price on it that includes the postage. Put a little picture of the assortment on your blog and see if it takes! The flat rate packages make it easy to ship anywhere in the US at a fairly reasonable rate (since fabric is so heavy). I'll check back to see what you've got!

Anonymous said...

Me too!