Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mental Laxative

Could this mess be the reason for my latest mental blockage? I don't think this mess could possibly help!
I returned to the studio after lunch yesterday. I paced and paced. What to do with that new piece I'm working on for that juried show (top left in photo)? Why is this thing irritating me so much? Should I put on some Dave Brubeck and Belly and work on it some more?
I cleaned out the cd carousel and put in the most "motivating" music I could find. I chose a Soundgarden CD and the rest of my choices made Soundgarden sound like the Vienna Boys Choir.
Fifteen years ago, my husband and I lived outside of Washington D.C. where there was little in the way of music. We frequently traveled to Baltimore, MD, home of dozens of hard-driving garage-style bands. Liquor Bike, Blank, Third Harmonic Distortion, Juice, Onespot Fringehead. Music that makes your ears bleed. Just wonderful stuff. Perhaps you can find them somewhere on the internet. Look them up. You should know what kind of music inspires quilters.
After thrashing around in the studio for a while, I managed to clean up my work table (except for the mountainous ridge of scraps). This included dismantling the piece I was working on for the juried show. Aaaaahh. Much better. After the frenzy, I realized the trashcan was full, a jar of paint had been knocked over, and I felt far better.
This photo shows the blockage around my sewing machine. What would the Feng Shui experts have to say about this? It has been cleaned up also. I especially love the large box under the table. It is covered in dust and cords and it says "Harmony."
In the next few minutes I will return to the studio. I can do no experimenting today. Our sewer line is being replaced and I have no plumbing. Therefore, no water to clean up any messes. I shall go and play with color. And possibly load up the cd player with Jazz and Norah Jones. The mental laxative has done its job. Back to work. Back to a more mellow lifestyle. I'm over 40 now. I can't do all of that thrashing around anymore.

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