Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog Apathy?

Sorry for the lack of posting.

Last Thursday we went on a semi-spontaneous trip to New York City. I got to see the city in the snow! Central Park was stunning; however, I can't say too much about the rest of the city. Snow only looks fresh in the city for a couple of minutes.

I did get to see the Lion King, finally. Wow!! I'm not much for those singing and dancing spectaculars, but this is an exception. I may have to find a way to combine orange, purple and green into a new piece.

Returned home Saturday evening to that barren, brown and gray central PA landscape. I crawled into my mental cave and would not have come out today if the sun hadn't appeared.

After an update of my favorite blogs I will head to the studio. Hopefully, the bright piece shown below will inspire me to get going.

Only 2.5 months until spring! I do not go by the calendar. I must see a fresh green leaf before I consider it to be spring.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear should not use the kind of heat gun made for household chores on your Magic's WAY too powerful. You just need one of the heat guns from Joannes or Michaels used for stamping ($19.99 and use your 40% coupon). It's probably ten times hotter than a blow dryer and you need to be careful. But the household heat tool is probably 1000 times hotter and you would likely melt the stamp and everything around it! Good Luck!