Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ready, Aim, Fire

On Sunday evening, I am probably one of a few that are looking forward to Monday. I look forward to a week where I can (mostly) do what I want. Sure, there are a few errands to run & one or two other things that cannot wait until the evening. Yet, most of my weekdays (from 8:30 until 2:30), I can go into my studio and create, draw, experiment, twiddle my thumbs, whatever.
I jumped out of bed this Monday & went into my daughter's room after my shower to wake her up for school. Horrible noises came from her nose and mouth. She was sick. So she stayed home from school and we made valentines, worked puzzles, played cards, had tickle fights. We had fun. I missed my studio (since I hadn't been in it since last Thursday), but I enjoyed having time alone with her and not having to run errands or arrange playdates. Then Tuesday it snowed. And school was closed. Then this morning it is sleeting. And school is closed again.
My week is shot. It resembles the diagram above. Full of holes. Bullet holes, Cannonball holes. There's not a lot of it left.
I hear some of you asking yourselves "Why doesn't she take her daughter to her studio with her?" I've tried. Really tried. It's hard to work when you are answering questions about the Lion King, Mary Poppins, Annie, naughty words, animals (including the reproductive system), seasons, etc. I excused myself yesterday to use the bathroom. She stood outside the door asking questions (or was she relating the plot of a movie). I really need quiet to work.
I wish I had a work update for everyone. You'll get to hear about it when I get to do it.


Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Kim! It is such a quandry. Does it help to say I understand? I can speak of hindsight, though. I have 2 adult children (18 and 21). I homeschooled them both because we moved everywhere (US and Europe when they were still under my care) and it was the right thing for them (and me). I missed a lot of creative time, then, as well. But looking back on that time, they gave me so much I use now when I am in the studio. Children are incredible gifts, (you have heard this so many times before) and they grow up fast!

Remember the most important and the most difficult often go hand in hand...even with your creativity, because it is important to Trust The Process!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Hang in have lots of support out here! :)

Kim Hambric said...

Kim, Thanks for the comment. I hear the words "in the moment" and they just glide through my head. I did enjoy my three days at home (after three days on a trip) with my daughter. My house is still covered in glue and paper bits where we made Valentines. I got to hear lots of talk about tooting and shaking booty. It was fun. Until 5:00 yesterday evening when she was frantically bouncing in the kitchen for 20 minutes.

Aaah, much better today. A little time away sometimes makes thing so much better. And believe it or not, I still didn't get into the studio. I have a birthday party to plan!