Monday, February 18, 2008

How Did I Get Here? Where Am I Going? Part III

This is not my Mother's fridge. This is my big, beautiful art-covered ice box.

When my kitchen was brand new 10 years ago, I envisioned clean expanses of counter space, beautifully arranged open shelving (that I have achieved YAY), and a pristine white fridge.

This is what I have. And I do love it. I love it when my daughter comes in from kindergarten with a backpack brimming with the products of her creative mind. As far as I'm concerned, she is a genius and I must let the world (or anyone who ventures into my kitchen) know that. She takes great pride in putting up her newest work and rearranging her older works. Perhaps we are letting that little ego grow too large, but so what. The world will cut her down in time. She needs to shine now. Perhaps this fridge display will help her to shine in the future.

This in not my Mother's fridge. Hers was (and still is) a Harvest Gold Void. I know that magnets existed 40 years ago. My mother just didn't believe in them. I do not recall what I created back in kindergarten (or up to 8th grade for that matter). I'm assuming these artworks went into the garbage. Perhaps they went into the "special" garbage can. My childhood bedroom was in the upstairs of a Cape Cod house. Lots of nooks and crannies. One little storage room attached to my bedroom had loads of family wonders hidden in its dark depths. One of these wonders was (still is?) an old metal trash can. This is where the family treasures were "stored". Family photos - toss 'em in the can. A corsage - throw it in the can. Enchanting childhood memories - pitch 'em in the can.

I do remember drawing in my room. I remember presenting colorful works to my Mother. Whatever happened to them once they were placed in my Mother's hands I do not know. Could this be the reason for the lack of confidence I frequently feel in my work? Am I making it easy on myself to feel inadequate as an artist? Should I just get over it? Finally? Should I make some room on my fridge for my own work?

Actually, I have a magnet on my fridge that is one of my own pieces. Have a look at my Cafe Press site. For a small handful of bucks you could own a copy of one of my favorite pieces.


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Unknown said...

oh I love it - your fridge looks like mine. :-)

My article will be June/July issue. Thanks for the well-wishes.

Oh - and the doubt thing - I heard a great artist once say that good, talented creative people ALWAYS question themselves. It's the mediocre ones who don't and think they are great. Much like men who always think they are MUCH better looking than they really are. LOL.

In fact Picasso was banned from going to galleries to see his own work when he was older after he was caught trying to improve on a piece! LOL.