Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs of the Times XVII and XX

Signs of the Times XVII, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XX, 6 x 6"

My original goal in Signs of the Times was to complete 20 pieces. So I have. However, four more have been completed and several others are in the works.

Signs of the Times XVII contains pieces from a vintage map of Detroit, MI, and text from my trusty vintage book, "New Towns for America."

Signs of the Times XX contains pieces from a vintage map of Toledo, OH. I LOVE the color of that map.

Back in college, when I was earning my degree in Urban Studies, my dream was to create new towns. I purchased books on new town planning, whipped up drawings of imaginary towns, and fantasized daily about how wonderful my new little towns would be. I now realize that no place in which I would want to live can be created from scratch. How dull. How impractical. Besides, it would put preservationists out of work & we wouldn't want to do that.

These pieces are now in my Etsy shop.

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Unknown said...

I'm totally enjoying your new series Kim. Isn't the mind a wonderful thing to enable you to come up with so many different compositions around one idea. You are making towns, just not the way you thought you would.