Monday, March 29, 2010

Survivor, Kim Hambric Style

I've heard tales of a television show about people dropped off in rainforests or deserted islands with only the clothes on their backs and large attitudes. They are left to fend for themselves with nothing but the capability to eat bugs, s*%$ in the woods, and peel off clothing for the cameramen. I don't watch it. I have my own issues. One of those is cocktail party survival.

The shindig I went to on Friday was well tolerated. I was actually able to make conversation. Nothing green adhered to my teeth. Liquids did not come shooting out of my nose when I laughed.

Both pieces of my artwork sold for above the retail price and each garnered a few bids. That's a first. I did not overhear anyone laughing at my work or any comments about being able to do it themselves.

I survived.

And since it is a cloudy day (as is usual for Nov-Apr here), I will be able to photograph a few new pieces today. Results posted tomorrow.

Now, I'm off to enjoy my Monday. No sarcasm there. I love Mondays. Really.


Marty Mason said...

What a great ending to this cocktail party saga! Loved reading your story.

paula said...

oh kim so happy to read this, love the sales!!!! love that you interacted and actually enjoyed :)

lori vliegen said...

woo hooo!!! congrats on your pieces being sold!! so glad you survived the party (and i hope that there was someone in the crowd who had enough sense to play some Foreigner music for you!!)!! :))