Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Signs of the Times XIII and XIV

Signs of the Times XIII, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XIV, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XIII contains bits of map from a "new" town called Green Hills in Ohio. Signs of the Times XIV contains a map of San Diego. Perhaps I should check these places out on Google Maps.

I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't seek out a 12-step program to get myself off of Google Maps. I'm going to rationalize the whole thing by stating that I do not play facebook games. I do not have Wii, I am not a constant texter. Therefore, I have plenty of time to spend on Google Maps. I'm still considering it research.

I escorted a friend up to my studio yesterday. I proudly showed her my recent supply acquisitions, one of which was a vintage map of New York City. I now have a commission to look forward to using that map. Its been so long since I've done a piece with anyone else in mind.

I'm off to hack into that map. I find chopping up vintage items easier and easier. Nothing is safe from me and my scissors anymore.

These pieces are now available on Etsy.


lori vliegen said...

i LOVE your new pieces, kim!! and i think that it's really fabulous that you've found such a great niche with the vintage maps......keep having fun! :))

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