Friday, March 26, 2010

Party Hearty

I have a "thing" to go to tonight. Not quite a party. Certainly not a meeting. It's a fundraising auction, tidbit-eating, wine-downing "thing".

Perhaps time has taken away the sting of loserness and rejection, but I kind of miss those parties of my teenage years. You would put on your coolest clothes, stand like you knew you were something wonderful, drink cheap beer, and you had a blast. You (I) could walk up to strangers and start talking. If there were no great opening lines, you could at least talk about how slow the keg was in dispensing the cheap beer. If all else failed, standing alone in the corner was an option. I know. I selected that option many a time.

Things don't work quite the same as an adult. A semi-responsible, respectable adult. Standing in the corner doesn't have the same appeal when you're in your 40's. That's where I'll go I'm sure. Parties are no longer one of my favorite things.

Then there's the auction part to worry about. Last year, there was a cluster of art, objects, and gift certificates up for auction. There were some lovely things that I bid on, but was quickly knocked out of the competition as the bid sheets filled up. And there was my piece. It's bid sheet forlorn and empty. Yes, the piece ultimately sold. But that agony of watching and waiting! The worrying and sweating. Did anybody connect me to the piece that was sitting there?

Maybe I should "sell" that piece. Work the crowd. Tell them that I am an International artist (what the heck DOES that mean). I should stick my snout in the air and profess to know the nuances of the artworld. Let them all know I am doing the world such a favor by letting the auction begin at such a small price. Right.

I'll be the one in the corner. Red wine-stained teeth (with a green bit added for color). Clutching a glass until my knuckles are white. Also white-knuckling a appetizer of unknown content (with some green bits).

What the hell. Bring on the keg and blast Foreigner and Journey. I'll put on my Levi's cords, suede vest and clogs. Let's party hearty. But only until 9:30 or 10:00.


paula said...

i hope you find a few people worth a little conversation. sometimes it is nice to just mingle a little and leave before it gets old. let me know if anyone else has wine stained teeth.

Colleen Kole said...

When my quilt was auctioned off-I couldn't stand knowing if anyone wanted it and I left. Talk about being a chicken. I mingled politely with a few and then left. I felt free- and a bit naughty. We went to go somewhere quiet to have a glass of wine. Which was nice to have time to talk.

I found out later...and it was acceptable but not great.