Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Such a Toad

Me, 65 x 16 x 10"

Yes, I have been a bit quiet lately. That usually means I am not in the best of moods. I try not to come to the blog in a wet blanket funk. So, I just keep to myself.

I have purchased the most recent copy of Artful Blogging magazine. I was hoping it would give me a lift. There are so many articles by bloggers that tell of how blogging has changed their lives. They meet so many people through the internet and then in real life. They refuse to share the negative aspects of their lives. Their blogs are bulging with poetry, photos and arty tutorials. They are fun to visit. But this fun does not seem to rub off on me. Why can't I be consistently witty, or fun, or bubbly, or optimistic?

One of these recent articles is written by Malka Dubrawsky, whose A Stitch in Dye blog is one of the several that I follow. She encourages fellow bloggers to be themselves and not self-censor themselves.

Don't second-guess everything you say or upload because you're worried that it's not serious, or witty, or sophisticated enough. Let your readers get to know you, warts and all.
I've been feeling very warty lately.

I feel that if I explain all of these warts that, you too, reader, will catch these warts. Isn't that one of those nature rumors -- that if you touch a warty toad, you will get warts.

I will share the largest of the warts with you. . .

O.K. so I did type it all out. Then I deleted it. It had to do with loneliness and lack of support from those closest to me. I went to re-read it and, well, it was too warty.

I'm now off to make some fudge for my dad for his birthday. Then I have to run some errands to get some things for my daughter. I guess my next warty post could discuss lack of studio time. Perhaps one of my errands should be to find some wart remover.


paula said...

well you aren't alone. you know i used to blog about it ALL and lately i've just shut up because i notice people dont really want to read the shit. and honestly i dont either anymore.
so if you are a warty toad i'm the slimy secretion from the toads back that kills. HOWS THAT FOR UGLY MOOD.
i'm right there with you.
i support you in your wartiness.

ArtPropelled said...

I support you in your wartiness too Kim. We all go through this so we understand. Reading about others warts helps one to feel less alone..... and hey, I enjoyed this post!

lori vliegen said...

hey, being warty means you're being real, right?! believe me when i say that we're ALL toads.....and we're willing to share our lily pads with you....!! :)))

p.s. happy birthday to your dad....and did you know that eating fudge is a great cure for warts?!!! :))

jason said...

Well, hopefully at least typing it helped a bit....before your deleted it.

But that self conciousness is inherent in any kind of self expression: blogs, art, fiction, just talking....what to say, what to hide? It's hard to know.

Wiggy said...


Like Paula said above you are not alone. I feel for you when you commented about the part you deleted was about the lack of support and the loneliness you feel from the ones closest to you. I have been out on my lily pad for a very long time and sometimes I feel like I can hop to the embankment and join the other toads and get support, but there I sit. So enough of that, if you need someone to talk to just remember I am only 10 digits away and this old friend from kindergarten through high school would love to listen. I think we could help each other get off the pad.

Anonymous said...

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Colleen Kole said...

Well I guess we are having the same kind of a time lately :). I do get kind of tired of perfection in blogland.

Unknown said...

I think there's always room for balance. The blogs I enjoy reading (including yours) share the good and the bad. I think there are too many "pollyanna-type" blogs out there. We all need a good dose of reality sometimes!

So, do what you feel is right for you, warts and all. And if you don't feel like you can share it on your art blog, start another blog for that very thing!!

kendalee said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling warty but only 'cause it's not a nice feeling for you, not because I don't want to hear it. I find it quite reassuring to know that not everyone in the blogosphere lives a life full of rainbows and unicorns. Ups and downs. Much more natural.

I hope you feel better soon. But if you don't, I'll be here too, warts and all :)

ps hope the fudge went down well!

Anonymous said...

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