Monday, March 22, 2010

I Love a Grid

grid. A pattern of horizontal and vertical lines forming squares of uniform size.

I Love a Grid. I'm very fond of squares as has been mentioned before in this post.

Rectangles please me, too. I like repetition. Few things please me more than seeing books lined up on shelves. I adore city maps and their grids of streets. I think crossword puzzles are stunning even though I rarely do them. Although I DETEST grocery shopping, I find the shelves of boxes and cans quite pleasing. Calendars are works of art, except when they are filled and I feel overwhelmed.

One square is kind of dull. As is one rectangle. Put dozens of them together and it makes me want to dance. I am ecstatic when I see a skyscraper with its rows and rows of windows. It drives me absolutely bats when one of those "important, comtemporary architects" puts a curved wall in a building. There are places in life for circles. I do like circles. I really like circles when they are placed in squares.

Could this explain why this newest series is the largest one yet?

These two pieces have been donated for an art auction for our local friends school.

Since it seems it will be cloudy for the next day or two, I will photograph the newest pieces in the Signs of the Times series and post them here and on Etsy soon.

p.s. Thanks so much for your fantastic comments on my last post. They are much appreciated.


paula said...

wow is it? really the largest series yet? how many i wanna know...
i love your new work and i'm glad you are in the grid groove :)

lori vliegen said...

ooooh, yes.....give me a page full of squares and i'm one happy camper!! and i SO agree with square is never enough, i'm greedy and must have more! your artwork is fabulous, as always, kim.....i love it! ;))

Wiggy said...

I love the use of the amsler grid at the beginning of your blog today. I was able to test my right eye to see if there had been any change in my retina.

Can't wait to see your new pieces. I seem to be focusing on flowers and with that in mind off to my art room I go.

Chris said...

I like your new work. About grids, they are so useful. Just a small thing, I am about to change my cubicle at work, I decorate it seasonally usually with wrapping paper. I love wrapping paper that has a grid printed on the back!
I was also looking at your previous warty post. I started commiserating, writing a complaint about what makes me miserable. Just like you, I ended up deleting it! Life is just like that. Such a struggle all the time.

Lauren Everett Finn said...

My name is Lauren and I'm a square-a-holic... Your work is gorgeous!