Monday, March 1, 2010


Way too gray today.

The winters in central PA are grim. Cold and gray. Today is no exception.

My morning consisted of driving through the gray to the dentist's office. After some numbing and being roughed up for an hour, I drove home through the gray. Happy to be in my house. I'm going to turn on all of the lights and turn on some happy music.

Since it is overcast (a happier way to put it?), I will photograph some of the newer pieces today.

Perhaps I will take a little trip on GoogleMaps. For some reason it is always spring and summer in Google world. I'm off to take a visit. Think I'll visit the west coast today. Perhaps Portland or Seattle (where it will be gray?).

Photos soon.

1 comment:

jason said...

It's always just post Katrina here on googlemaps it seems.
I keep *waiting* for people to just pick up their trash.