Sunday, January 3, 2010

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say . . .

I should probably say nothing at all.

But, I'm one of those people who says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Should I stop because its a new year? Yes. Will I? Probably not.

To say that 2009 was a bad art year for me is an understatement. No doubt it was the worst art year I've had to date.

I'm trying to put all of that negative stuff into a box and nail it shut. But while I'm going for the hammer and nails, those slimy, negative things just keep slipping back out.

I'm going to keep reading blogs. It's what I do. I'm compelled. I'm just going to start skipping over those that list all of one's accomplishments of 2009. I just can't bear them anymore. I do wish those artists well. I wish my favorite artists and the art world in general a fantastic 2010. I'm looking forward to seeing what other's create.

I'm just not sure what I will be creating. Or writing.

I'll return when I'm happier.


Marty Mason said...

Don't you dare go too far. I've felt a lot of melancoly this past year also over my sales but my creative spirit continues to kick in. Let's be excited about the new year and I know things will be better.


phew! glad i didn't do a list!


here's to a new start and a fabulous creative 2010!

jason said...

well, here's my list:

1.made a cup of tea
2.slept too little
3.worked too much
4.ate too much my heart broken

Now that we have that out of the way....
happy 2010!

aimee said...

that's it girl!! get it out. let it hang loose. it's healthy. to be honest i look forward to the dumps sometimes because too much cheeriness makes me dull, and often those blahs stoke big art fires once i get sick of dwelling in the yuck. have fun moping! big hugs! :)

Rita Vindedzis said...

Kim, 2009 is done. Don't look back. It's a new year full of new possibilities. Sorry you feel so down however, I do believe if one sends such negative messages out to the universe, that's what comes back to you, more negativity. Put all that crap into the box, nail it shut and bury the damn thing already!!!! If your art is your passion and you want it badly enough then make 2010 your year. But you can't sit and wait for Oprah to call. Get out there and get your work out there. Oh I wish I could meet with you over a coffee-you need a good pep talk!! Be positive!! It works. :-)

lori vliegen said... one says you have to be happy all the time......enjoy the mope, sweet friend!! hugs, :))

lori vliegen said...

(dittos to what aimee says, that is....)

Ellen said...

All my accomplishments in 2009 were internal, so it looks like I was a complete failure to everyone else. Oh well! Personally, I thought your work grew this year when you started adding different media, maps and vintage text, etc. But i know, it's hard to hold on to the value of what you do if it doesn't bring the monetary rewards. It sucks the way sales gives us a feeling of validation.
I also agree it's good to let it out every now and then. Chin up little camper, don't hate me when i use your great piece of inspiration back atcha..."just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
The ebbs and the flows and persevering through it all. (And contemplating, brainstorming and sometimes restrategizing as well.Kinda where I was at most of the year)

Kim Hambric said...

Marty, I think the creativity is still there, I'm just not sure if I have the energy to get it out.

Shanna, Thanks. I'm glad you didn't.

Jason, sorry about #5. #7 is pretty big with me, too.

Aimee, Yes, I think I will mope. And getting it out did feel good.

Rita, I will bury it as soon as the ground thaws, otherwise, I will keep it tightly boxed.

Lori, I love permission to not be happy all the time. One can't appreciate the light without some darkness.

Ellen, Thank so much for the positive feedback on my work. Yes, I will just keep swimming swimming swimming . . .

Kim Hambric said...

Bridgette and Susan, Thanks so much for your supportive emails!!!!!

layers said...

I am afraid you will have to join the club of artists who have their ups and downs--- good days and what I call bad hair days-- days where the work just seems right and days where you think you should quit-- when I find an artist through a blog that I think is fantastic part of me is so excited and inspired and part of me feels like I should quit-- this is all part of the artistic endeavor.

kendalee said...

Kim, I only discovered your work in 2009 and I LOVED what I found so I can only imagine what you're like in a good year!!! I'm not an artist so I can't relate to the kind of experience you describe exactly but I know what you mean about wanting to lock 2009 in a box and I think it's healthy to acknowledge that and allow yourself the time to feel and do whatever you need to do to recover and regroup! I absolutely believe in no light without dark... people who are relentlessly upbeat worry me. However, it's not fun being in the doldrums so I wish for you that your mojo returns in 2010. And I look forward to your return, whenever that is... :)

Jill Schacter said...

I just randomly found your blog which I think is terrific. If you think you had a bad year and avoid the "lists" you may possibly be interested in my lists anyway which can be found at

or maybe not.

I think your artwork is lovely. And I will continue to check in on your blog.