Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Again

Photo by David Woo

We spent the weekend in (sort of near) Ft. Worth, Texas this weekend. We met up with my hubby's parents in Texas to visit his brother and family. A very recent arrival was waiting there for us. Lily is obsessed with her new little cousin and her 2.5-year-old cousin.

We were actually 30 minutes from Ft.Worth in one of the many subdivisions that have eaten up the countryside as far as one can see in any direction. I found the landscape of roofs and parking lots to be extremely depressing. My hubby, his mother and I did our best to fit in some culture while we were there. We spent Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth in search of museums. Along the way, we came across a parade. Apparently it was rodeo and stock show time in town. The parade was led off by a group of flag-bearers on horseback. Many were carrying the confederate flag. Decided not to stop for that. After bypassing the parade, we eventually came across two great museums. If one is ever in Ft. Worth, I highly recommend the Kimball Museum and the Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art (photo above). The former, small, but with a collection of impressive works. The latter, one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen in my lifetime. Fantastic museum, but it would still be awe-inspiring if every bit of art had been removed.

I was hoping for a city with more of its older architecture still intact, but that wasn't what I got. A few impressive buildings remain, but as with far too many cities today, the buildings put up a wall against the street. Too many sleek hotels, too many surface lots. A few areas seem to have been scraped clean of anything older than 2 years. However, it does appear that people are returning to live in lofts and condos in some of these areas. I just wish developers would understand that some of us like a little history left behind.

Anyway, I'm home with a sick child today. Lots of post trip things to do. Hopefully I will return to the studio tomorrow and will soon have new work to show.

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Sunder said...

I left something special for you on my blog, check it out.

lori vliegen said...

glad you had a safe trip! it sounds like you found the inspiration you were hoping for at the museum.....sorry the city itself let you down, though!

ArtPropelled said...

Amazing building!