Monday, July 6, 2009

My Favorite Artist

Here is a photo of my favorite artist at work. My seven-year-old daughter Lily. I can't determine whether creating, acting or reading is at the top of her list. I guess it just depends on her mood.

For the past two weeks she went to the Penn State art camp for kids. The morning session was "Bugs" and the afternoon session was "Endangered Species". Regardless of the name, much creating was done. Which was fine by my daughter.

Last Friday, there were two art exhibits for her camps. I attended the morning event and hubby went in the afternoon. Between both classes, here is what we brought home:

I must say that my daughter was quite, uh, prolific. This "pile" does not include the artwork that is hanging on the shelves behind the table. Nor does it include the "panda" sculpture from the Endangered Species camp. I call it "Demento", but I am looking for better names.
When it came home from camp, my daughter and I talked about it for a few minutes, then I set in down on the kitchen counter. Later that night, when we were sure she was asleep, we looked at Demento together and, well, laughed. Hard and loud. But it was created by Lily and that makes it sweet. Almost. It looks almost as if it were created by two different people. Or, at least, two different personalities.

So, if anyone has a better name for this creature, please let me know.


Rita Vindedzis said...

Oh he's just adorable!! Looks like a he to me, I'd call him Hank.

Jean Baardsen said...


paula said...

i was tempted to say call him michael jackson, is that awful?
i think demento is perfecto.
hey are those kim pillows behind your daughter? i like them :)
and its so cool she is having such a prolific time. bugs are always fun.

Susan said...

Looking at the collection of art your daughter created, I see what looks like a painting of Demento. You can display the two together. And the name is fitting.

jason said...

completely adorable!
and the panda's kinda cute too :)

Jo James said...

My goodness! Isn't she a productive sprite! That panda made me giggle. I love it! It's a treasure for sure, and deserves a place of honor. Somewhere it can bring giggles to all who enter :) My daughter had a thing for pandas when she was itty bitty, so they pop up every now and then in my art as well.

ArtPropelled said...

He...she is so quirky divine!
That's what I would call her....Qirky-Divine.

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