Friday, July 24, 2009

My Nose, a Bird, a Book

Born a Poet, 6.5 x 4.5", on Etsy.

Thank you everyone for your comments of concern on my recent nose issues. Or should I say issues from my nose? What fun! After two visits to two doctors yesterday, I had a blood vessel cauterized and am now, for the most part, retaining my blood. I was told all the fun would be over by today. I do plan on venturing out later on today. Yesterday, I refused to leave the house (except to visit said doctors) out of the fear of scarring children who might see a horror movie they hadn't planned on seeing.

So, as far as I know, there is no brain tumor. One thinks all kinds of things when one's head is being emptied of blood.

Sorry if I made anyone twitchy.

Thanks to Susan who purchased my bird piece, Better World, the other day. I do intend on getting that out in the mail today, provided my nose cooperates.

On a non-related subject, I have just finished a great book, Nine Lives by Dan Baum. A "fictionalized" account of the lives of nine New Orleanians from the time of Hurricane Betsy to after Hurricane Katrina. The stories and people are true. Highly recommended for those who have an interest in New Orleans. Reading this book reminded me of an earlier intent, or promise, to have proceeds of my series of
New Orleans quilts donated to a New Orleans charitable organization. I have not put that idea out of my mind, just postponed it for a while. First, I would like the economy to perk up a bit. Second, I would like to add at least four more pieces to the series. Third, I need to select an appropriate organization. Fourth, I need to make some sort of contacts to get this idea out there. So the idea is still brewing -- it has not been abandoned.

So, I'm always looking for:

nosebleed info
good books to read
charitable organizations in New Orleans.

If anybody can combine all of that, all the better.


paula said...

i'm just glad you are alright, humor aside, that sounded kind of rattling.
go kim!!!!!

Anil P said...

New Orleans brings to my mind that very delightful chapter that Charles Kuralt wrote in his book, Charles Kuralt's America.

Good to know you're feeling better. Few things are as dampening as not being well, just consumes the mind, and the feet as well.

Anonymous said...

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