Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantastic Arts Festival

I can't believe I haven't posted a blog in a week. But I have been busy. Not working at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, but pretty much living there for the past four days. Shown here are a few of our purchases. We bought several gifts, but I didn't want to show them here just in case a family member decides to read my blog.

I will share with you a few of my favorite artists and crafts people.

My birthday gift from my husband is the oil painting on the left. John Maurer's paintings brought out the stalker in me. I circled this painting for three days like a buzzard. Every year, I purchase a bagful of gifts and refrigerator magnets from Creative Works. I really, really just want to move into their booth, or maybe have their booth move into my home. Another stalking moment was brought on by the jewelry of Olga Ganoudis. My necklace is shown draped over an elephant papercut by Jupi Das. Not pictured (because I am wearing them) are earrings by Staci Egan of Contempo Jewelry. Also not pictured (because I did not have enough money) are awesome works by batik artist Chuck Kaiser, and woodcut artist Jenny Pope.

I wish to win the lottery and do it all again. I am always so sad when the festival is over. I have great appreciation for the artists than can deal with doing these shows. I can't imagine enduring the loading, travel, set up, constant dealing with customers, festival food, heat, insects, hotels, tear down, loading, travel.

I am surprised at so many of the comments I hear at these festivals:

Can I get that any cheaper?
I can make that myself!
How long does it take to make that?
I bet that only takes an hour to make.
If they were real artists, their work would be in a gallery.
What an easy life to travel and sell art.
My kid could do that!
Why does that cost so much?
I almost made it through the festival without buying anything.

I am surprised at the rudeness I saw . . . which is worse, a customer smoking in someone's tent or licking a dripping ice cream cone over someone's work?

If there are any festival artists that read this blog, I bow to you.


Dolores said...

This past weekend my daughter and I went to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit and there were about 600 artists. Inspiring and wonderful. I hadn't been in many, many years and I'm glad I got to go with my like-minded artistic daughter.
I too wished I won the lottery since there were so many things I would have liked to purchase.

paula said...

oh kim, i'm glad you had a good time...and got, bought,received art! its interesting the comments you overheard...i would have probably been one of them at one point but now i'm having more empathy for all artists now that i'm one of them!
i found myself 'cutting down' some art myself this weekend at the opening and later felt bad and realized there is no good reason to ever do that, its not good energy and really doesn't make me feel better about myself.
good to read this here and have a final ah ha moment.
(of course my comments were different than the ones you listed. more about preferences etc.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Kim, I discovered you through my friend Cathy Nichol's blog :). I so hear what you mean. One must be very thick-skinned at these art festivals. Your post made me LOL because it is all true!
p.s. one of my closest friends teaches at the biology dept there at Penn State; she invited me to this event. I plan on it some day.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

All those comments - so off the cuff. A thick skin is required! The lottery winnings would help us all buy more art we love!
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Glad you purchased something. I have had some of those thoughts but would never say them out loud. I like talking with all the artists more than anything if they are friendly and sharing about their work. Seems like a place to get inspired not to cut down others.

ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Dripping food over someones work really rankles.

jason said...

Sheesh! What's with people? just rude.

But I like that painting!
If I had lots of money...ok, *any* money :)....that's what I'd be doing....buying art.

Russell said...

I know your pain, folks can be a drag at the "art festival". The "do it myself" really bugs me. Why can't people just celebrate the talent of others?
Most people that come to the art fest are just interested in the specticle and not the talent of the artists.