Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Old Piece

Woodland's Edge, 16 x 16"

This is my newest piece, now for sale on Etsy. It is not officially a new piece, just a newly completed piece. This one has been sitting on a chair, under a piece of foamboard, under another unfinished piece on another piece of foamboard. Since I wrapped up everything before the Happy Valley Optical show and completely cleaned my studio, I figured I would rather finish up a couple of older pieces before I started something completely new.

I know that "Woodland's Edge" is not the most original name ever, but it burrowed into my head and stayed there and so it is now named. I LOVE these colors together. At last year's Arts Festival, a mosaic artist had a large, stunning piece comprised of nothing but browns and bluish purples. I had to do something with those colors. After the show, I did. And it sold. Quickly.

Here's hoping for a reprise.

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