Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cloak of Invisibility

We've been into Harry Potter around here lately. My daughter has seen the movie (at least four times) and plays parts of the movie out throughout the day. She is now running around in her cloak of invisibility.

I feel as if I've been wearing that cloak lately. I've sent several emails out about joining Etsy teams, about being interviewed for a made-in-Pennsylvania group, and questions of Etsy sellers. No responses. Perhaps I'm a bit curt in my requests. I don't know. And now I've just discovered that one of my favorite blogs has just become members only. There's just something that felt like I was going to visit a friend and having them shut the door in my face. Not that they ever paid a visit to my blog and left a message. But that's ok. I guess they did not want me or others like me peaking in on their life. But why the hell have a blog? I guess I'll go and remove them from my blog list.

I do want to thank those that come and read my blog and especially those that leave comments. I do not take you for granted. I promise to do my best to entertain you in the future. And when I fail and do nothing but complain, like today, I apologize.

Perhaps my crankiness is brought on by two days of non-creativity. I am trying to get ready for my little show. I've spent two days attaching hangers and doing paperwork. Today I must do price tags and label all my work. More of that tomorrow. I hang everything up on Monday or Tuesday & I guess Wednesday will be saved for catching up on the things that will fall through the cracks before Wednesday.

Thursday begins the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Christmas in July! 325 artists! Four days of art, bands, and bad food. I love it! I'll only come home to shower and sleep. It will be an inspiring event, but it will be over a week before I have the chance to create anything new.

Hopefully, I can regale you with info. on my favorite artists.


Rita Vindedzis said...

Sending positive thoughts and good wishes for your upcoming shows.

suburbangypsy said...

good luck with your show Kim...i just found you through my blog. It's nice to know another PA artist!
i know getting through the negative"is-this-really-what-i-signed-up-for-stuff" is hard some days...we can all relate! sometimes that just means something great is around the corner!!

Jo James said...

Good luck on your show!

I'm so jealous of your proximity to such a wonderful event! Living in a small town has some advantages, but really cool art shows aren't one of them.