Thursday, April 7, 2011

(raspberry mouth noise)

I had plans for posting some new pieces and tossing about a few uplifting and motivational words and phrases.

Not. Gonna.  Happen.

I'm just mentally limping along right now.  I feel like an actor in an action movie.  You know the one.  He's shot.  He's holding his side.  He's pulling himself along with just one arm.  He seems to think that just by pulling himself to another spot he will get better.

It's kind of like that with me right now.  Except it's all in my head.  And it's way far from being an action movie. 

So, I'm going to eat some chocolate.  I'm going to purchase some books online.  I'm going to go into the studio and do whatever the hell I want no matter how stupid or insignificant.  I'm going to walk through the cold and shitty weather to my yoga class, and the only reason I'm doing this is because I have already paid for it and it hasn't hurt me yet.


Marty Mason said...

I'm glad to hear that you are still into your yoga. Don't be mad at me when I say "this too shall pass."

Kelly M. said...

LOL! Love this entry, Kim. Sometimes it's just best to crawl into a cave (with the chocolate, of course) and hide from humanity. The mother side of me wants to ask: have you taken your vitamins lately? Hang in there! :-)))

Jo James said...

hehe! Is it terrible that your pain made me giggle?

red-handed said...

Hey! You're stealing my schtick. My horrible, thought-collapsing schtick. Don't wear it out!