Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thanks to those of you who read my latest griping session and actually commented.  You've all made me feel better.

I will be sharing a few new pieces next week.  Perhaps actually putting a few up for sale on Etsy.  I'm waiting for some hangers to come in the mail to complete them.
For a recent car trip, I pulled out some older magazines from my large shelter magazine stash.  On the cover of an issue of Western Interiors Magazine, was a fantastic (to me) abstract painting.  Quite large, painted possibly with a brayer or large, rigid plastic tool (yeah, that sounds nasty).  After my trip, I rushed to the studio, found small pieces of gesso board and a couple of old credit cards and went to work with my limited paint colors.

I've made several mistakes.  Some mistakes I've repeated several times.  But now, even though my paintings look nothing like the piece on the magazine cover (wouldn't that artist be a tad angry?!?), I've come to the point where I actually like the results.  And, of course, I'm sticking bits of paper and other collage elements onto these pieces.

So, I've been avoiding Etsy.  I've been avoiding my blog.  I've been avoiding even talking to other people about what I'm doing (yeah, I'll talk to myself about it).

But I know I hear those other people talking.  I hear bits of conversation in my head. 

How can she say "I'm working" when she has nothing new to sell?  

She's only playing.

She should really go out and get a job.

I think the attic heater has done its job.  I have caught up with my social media.  I'm now heading up to the studio.  I plan on having a damn good time and something to show for it.  Eventually.


Unknown said...

playing is so much fun. Enjoy yourself and PFFFTTTT to those nasty voices talking about work!!

jason said...

"playing" is working! :)

Susan said...

Was Van Gogh "playing"? What about Seurat, Da Vinci, and Hambric when they are "playing" in their studio creating and experimenting? That "play" leads to great things.

PS. You don't have to have anything "new" to sell, right now while you are "playing".

oh do have a job and you are doing it! You have the job I want! Don't knock it!!!

Thea Belecz said...

I fell out of my chair laughing at your little voices - same stuff I hear all the time mostly from my well-meaning mostly kidding husband. So I went out and got a job and it's been a disaster. I can't make STUFF TO SELL if I'm out working for someone else!!! No matter... think I'll soon be back to "playing" in my studio. JOB is not working (pun intended).

red-handed said...

All of us are only playing. In fact, the only way I make myself do anything these days is to say it's just a game.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings KIm,

One of the problems about blogging is that people expect one to blog with regularity but creativity does not move ahead with regularity, rather in spurts with lots of pauses in between for contemplation.

Art must first be created to satisfy the artists spirit, creating with the only aim to sell is art, is art that does not have the artists spirit interwoven in the art.

Warmest regards,

Unknown said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, teaching this semester has been mightily time consuming, and I wanted to say that I am in love with that yellow-y bee-ish piece in the last post and I hope something much like it ends up on etsy soon.

deb said...

that Ashley comment was actually from me...LOL! I guess I should check who is logged in to google before I post (just so you know!)