Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Mess

So, I'm still playing around with paint, paper and glue.  Still buzzing around like a hummingbird reluctant to land on anything.

 I began this piece by splotching some black paint around the edges.  Ochre then called out to me.  A map of Mexico City followed and then bees and letters and stamps.  And then more and more and more, until I think there is just too much.  Fun, though.  And dark.  Because I am a dark person.

This piece came about as a result of an accident.  On a previous piece, I had glued down a piece of black paper.  Seconds later, I wanted to move it.  Some of the paper remained behind.  I quickly reapplied the piece in the same spot as before, but I could not get the streaky, peely paper look out of my head.  I decided to design a piece where paper would be randomly glued down and ripped off before it dried in place.  Then I went on to stamp and scrumble and paint and glue and stick more more more until I think there could be a little much.  Or maybe its just right.  Or maybe it thoroughly sucks.

The point now, for me anyway, is to keep seeing how many or how few mistakes I can make while moving quickly and intuitively.  Hubby asks how much these pieces are and when we should put them on Etsy.  I'm trying to tell him that the point now is just to make something.  Anything.   What I want.  Not what I think will sell.


red-handed said...

It would, I think. I think you'd be surprised. The trick, with Etsy to do all that *other* supporting stuff.

I know: I'm not that good at it either.

And I like rough edges, and things ripped away. Keep going!

paula said...

hubby knows....
listen to him.
and dont have any attitude about these they ROCK

Susan said...

Wow Hogie! These two pieces Rock like Paula said.

Please listen to Hubby, he does know. I love them both and I could see them hanging on my wall.

You are growing.......I am so happy for you!!!!!

Thea Belecz said...

Amazing new pieces. I love the dark one especially with its bees and trees. By working quickly and intuitively, you allowed the space for the "happy accident" of the new ripped and torn look. Very well done. They will sell - my hubby also wants to know possible sale date in order, I think, to justify the zillions of dollars worth of STUFF in my studio. Ha!

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

oh kim! I really like the bottom one and it's grunginess. I see you getting much looser in both of these, but especially the bottom one! Nice.

Jennifer said...

I love the dark piece! Don't think that it's too busy at all - even if it is about bees. The contrast in light and dark lends a cleanness of lines...to me anyway. Just wonderful.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Kim,

Accidents are an important part of the process of creation as it opens the door to new possibilities. When creating an image that has a distressed look, there are few rules as anything goes.

Follow your instincts.

Warmest regards,