Sunday, April 24, 2011

Believe it (or not)

A new piece!  On Etsy.

Hourly Wage, 6 x 6", mixed media collage on board

It only took, what, 8 months!?!

This was one of three pieces I sent in to Seth Apter for his forthcoming book.  Originally, all three pieces were rejected (and I was quite dejected), but in the end, one was accepted.

I'm really enjoying the collage process.  I do like glue.  And paint.   The process is messy, but still somewhat precise.  We all know that I cannot veer far from right angles.

I made this piece several months ago, and have experimented with an even looser style since, which I may explore even more.

Stay tuned, something else might appear here.


Dana Barbieri said...

Congrats Kim. That is a great piece!
When will the book be published?

Hannah said...

Kim, this is a wonderful piece--I love the playfulness of your colors and patterns and the political nature of your message.

I also like your comments on rejection, dejection and selection.
What a process!