Friday, September 3, 2010


I have chosen journey.

These past several weeks, I have cleaned, watched YouTube videos (intellectual ones, of course), done laundry, piddled and paced.

I have avoided the studio like the plague.

Several times I have forced myself into the studio. I've piddled and paced and run back downstairs to watch more intellectual YouTube videos.

Slowly, bit by bit, and piece by piece, experiments have been tried. The failure rate was high in proportion to the amount of time spent in the studio.

This week, I've been just a tad less reluctant to get into the studio. More experiments have been tried. Less have failed. There has been a success or two (actually three).

As I left the studio just a minute ago, I was thinking that I wouldn't have the opportunity to return until Tuesday. That thought saddened me. Then I realized that I had enjoyed my time in the studio today.

I have decided on the journey rather than the destination. For now.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me positive comments. I especially appreciate those who have sent me encouraging emails.

Soon I will share some photos. Not that they will show any completed pieces. They may show bits bound for the garbage, but that's better than nothing, huh?

Have a great holiday weekend!


paula said...

breathing a sigh of relief.
thanks for the journey update :)
we all end up at the same place anyhow right? so make your journey interesting while you can.

Jennifer Boes said...

Every time I find myself wandering, it seems if I trust my gut instinct I find myself enjoying the journey, and often the results exceed my expectation (although sometimes painful, and generally not producing what I envisioned when I started .....) Blessings on your journey.

Colleen Kole said...

I love the word journey...

ArtPropelled said...

So glad you are plodding along and making some progress.If only we could keep out all the stresses and pressures and concentrate on the journey because that is basically what art should be about. When we are enjoying the journey our art blossoms.

jason said...

oops...I late to the journey as always. But you're an can't escape it. You'll always be on the journey, I think, even when you get to the destination.

Ok, so even I don't know quite what that means, but I do know it's true.

mansuetude said...

its only good--
its divine discontent.

if its there, and you feel a new need, its real. answers will come.

what we long to reach we usually already own.

Blessings on your new discoveries.

Professor Chaos said...

When I saw you had chosen Journey, I was afraid you meant the 1980's rock band. Whew!