Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I've Done Instead of Creating

So far today, I have:

eaten all chocolate in the house

read blogs

watched YouTube videos

cleaned rancid gunk out of the disposal

escorted bugs out of my house

fed child a ham sandwich for breakfast

dressed myself inappropriately for the weather

stepped over things in my way (laundry basket, large dust bunnies, boxes and bags)

wished for things

hoped for things

sat on my butt

craved more chocolate

looked for my motivation button

wondered if I should have a chocolate milkshake for lunch

sighed that I have wasted time

dreaded running errands

been irritated about my empty wallet

Now, I'm off to the studio to be incredibly creative. Until it is time to run errands, of course.

**UPDATE** Now I can add that I've thrown away this weeks failed experiments. That's progress, right?


Kit Lang said...

I had a day like that yesterday. In the evening, I finally descended to my sewing room to do some fussy work for an hour or so. My spouse says sometimes you just need "a princess day". Enjoy yours!

Colleen Kole said...

You are very honest! :)

ArtPropelled said...

I know the feeling .....It will pass.

paula said...

yeah, you are having a MAJOR funk with art right now and i know it just sucks and bites. i too feel for you...but look at it this way, if you were having a blast and not creating that would be scary, that would mean you dont really wanna be creating. the mere fact you are so FUSSY right now says something is brewing and you gotta let it have its space and be ready for when it is ready to work out of you. take heed! and go exercise will ya?

aimee said...

sigh... copy and paste this on my forehead...

Susan said...

ditto to your post and all above!

jason said...

ooo...that reminds me.
I need some chocolate.

suzanne cabrera said...

Oh...but this list is SO creative! Love it!!!! Been there, done it!