Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journey? Destination?

I was recently asked by a blogging friend how I was and what I was. I answered I don't know to both of those questions.

I've been going through one of those art crisis things. I didn't want to bring it up here. In a world where there are wars and genocide, I just didn't want to have some bitty breakdown and expect people to give a darn.

By the way, thanks to my readers for all of your kind words on my last post.

Am I still a fiber artist? I don't know.

Am I still an artist? I don't know.

I want so much to reach a destination. I'm thinking that destination is to be a "professional" artist. The problem is, I don't know what journey is necessary to reach that destination. Do I have to pick a certain path? Can't I just spin around in circles for a while? Can I still call myself an artist if I'm spinning in circles?

I still love all of the work I have done -- the pieces that have gone out into the world and the ones that are on my wall or in my drawers (dresser drawers, that is). Can I start fresh? Is that a sign of complete failure? Which would be the bigger failure -- to keep doing what I've been doing even though I may not be inspired, or to turn my back on completion and selling to start at the beginning and explore something new?

Anyway. Big thoughts in my head. Nothing being done about it.


Unknown said...

Your work inspires me and you don't even know me. But I've seen your work online, I admire the pieces you have in your Etsy shop and I recognize how unique your vision is.You are a great artist!

ArtL8dy at e14studio

ArtPropelled said...

If you read artists biographies you will notice that most spin in circles a lot of the time. It's the artist temperament. If you are uninspired with what you have been doing you are probably bored and need new stimulation. Trying something new doesn't necessarily mean you won't come back to what you've been doing up until now and when you do it will be with a new perspective. I speak from experience :-)
Keep your chin up Kim. You are an artist, without a doubt!

paula said...

i agree with these ladies and i do have to pipe in with it isn't the destination. i'm beginning to think kim that maybe it is better to not even know where you want your destination to lead you. i just erased a plethora of of rant which i will email you instead.
listen to these people, i dont think they are just trying to feed you emotional bon bons.

Ellen said...

You know this post is SUCH a common artists' rant. So there you go. You're an artist. I feel exactly like you do right now TOO much of the time. I wallow in those feeling TOO much of the time. And hypocritically I'm giving advice I should be taking for myself - be brave and explore new directions if it's calling you, even if it's a completely different direction of even a different art form. It's not like you have to show or tell anybody But make sure to shut out the internal critic, it's a nasty little beast that wants you to doubt all your choices, but it has no form.
The worst that can happen through it all is a little growth.

Susan said...

When I look at your art, I think to myself that I wish I could do what you do. You are an artist and don't forget it! I totally understand how you feel, I feel that way a lot.

You have accomplished so much. I have been jealous of what you have done. Remember in school I thought I would grow up and be doing what you are able to do. But I have come to learn even though I might not have a bachelor in art, and it is not my main career at the moment, I AM AN ARTIST!!!! I can create! But LOL I hate these artist blocks. You will get out of yours.