Monday, July 5, 2010

A little something

This is the piece that was accepted into the 1st annual juried show at the local library.

Thanksgiving House III, 15 x 10"

Below is one of seven mini pieces I will have in a mini-show during the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts at Happy Valley Optical in downtown State College, PA, July 6 - 11.

And now I have started on the first piece in the series I mentioned in my last post.

I'm not sure where this floral fabric originated or how old it is. I found both the red and blue in a junk store. It doesn't feel like commercial quilting cotton. It seems to have a Japanese look and feel to me. The houses were left over from a recent project, and I carved the dress stamp after altering a tracing I did from a vintage dress pattern envelope. That black and white trim has been hanging around my house for about a decade. I laid this out last Friday and then closed down the studio for the holiday weekend. This Thursday the arts festival begins and I will practically live there (sweating profusely in the 93 degree heat) until Sunday evening. Guests are coming so I will have to do some of that pesky house cleaning. Not too much will get done in the studio for the next week.

I am also attempting to enter a high-end show in a prestigious gallery in New Orleans. I will be entering four of the New Orleans pieces. Might as well just throw something out there, huh?

But at least something is happening, no matter how little.


paula said...

cool beans woman you are getting it out there...and its fantastic work...made my day reading this post.

Diane said...

Your art pieces are stunning, Kim. My son use to live in State College,and we would go to the festival during the summer. It's one of my all time favorite summer activities--I wish I could go this year, even in the heat!

ArtPropelled said...

Great news! The more work you put out there the better known you become. I love the first in the series. There are so many elements that I'm drawn to. The background fabric, the black and white braid and the type lettering ...... all wonderful!

Fibra Artysta said...

I really like the style of the new piece, its got a lot of energy to it.

And that's what I always say - if you don't try, you'll never get anywhere. Good for you!

Colleen Kole said...

Well it made my day too! Great news and very exciting.
I really like the new piece. Congrats. Enjoy the show.

jason said...

oh wow
so cool!
what's the gallery???!

fingers and toes crossed for you.

lori vliegen said...

you go girl for putting your artwork out there!! congrats on being accepted in the library, do i ever love that piece!!! :)))