Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Faithful Friends

Mother: Faithful Friends, 11 x 11" © 2010 Kim Hambric

My mother had two Scottish Terriers back in the day -- Andy (the great) and Lucky (the not so nice).

I'm not quite sure which one this is.

This piece was almost the last of the series. Another piece had been partially laid out for several days. Everything that could go wrong with it did go wrong. Cutting errors. Painting errors. Dropsies. You name it. At one point, I had scraped it all off the surface of the table, but then, knowing that I had ordered several packages of buttons and what-nots from Etsy for this series, I decided to go at least one more.

We'll see.

This one is for sale on Etsy.


andrea said...

This is a lovely tribute piece.

jason said...

And I love love love that photo!

ArtPropelled said...

In spite of everything going wrong this is a particularly striking piece.