Monday, June 14, 2010

Benefits of Sunshine

Benefits of Sunshine I, 10 x 10" SOLD

Just one and half more days of school left. Then several days of child freedom before summer camps begin. I guess, at least one day this week, I will be forced to go to the swimming pool. I'm not one to enjoy sitting out in the sun. But I guess that soaking up some Vitamin D is one of those benefits of sunshine.

Benefits of Sunshine II, 10 x 10"

I'm scratching my head for other activities. I guess we could loiter at the bookstore one afternoon. Mmmmmm. Coffee and magazines for Mama. We could walk onto campus and feed squirrels and hang by the duck pond. We just did that on single-parenting weekend (two days ago), but I'm sure I could sit and stare at wildlife again.

Benefits of Sunshine III, 10 x 10"

We do have one of those kid fun centers in town. One of those with games, paint ball, climbing towers. We don't go to this place unless it is for one of my daughter's friends' birthday parties. I hate to be political here in my blog, but since they hang Tea Party rally posters in their windows, I just choose not to support their business.

I'm not going to pretend that these pieces are new. They are still some of my favorites, though. One sold over the weekend. Yay!!!! I never tire of this color combination. They can be found in my Etsy shop.

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Dana Barbieri said...

These pieces are great! And congrats on being published!!